Houston Rockets Halftime Show

We did it again! The Houston Rockets halftime show was a big hit, so far the best show of the season for the Rockets. Thanks Anthony for being an awesome host. Big thanks to the Rockets organization for bringing in the Chicago Boyz.

Lebanon Middle School – School Assembly

We did a Super awesome show today at Lebanon Middle School in Lebanon Pennsylvania. The kids were on fire! They earned this assembly by participating in a successful school fundraiser. They have never had an assembly like this before stated the school Principal. So glad we had the opportunity to perform for these kids and inspire this community. Great job Chicago Boyz this was an awesome way to end the Pennsylvania tour. 13 shows in 6 days thousands of new fans and happy kids.

McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade 2015

The McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade was awesome. Thanks T-Mobile for being an awesome sponsor. This was an honor to be selected for the parade out of thousands of possible selections. The Chicago Boyz were a huge hit and even got footage on tv. What a great day!

While we were waiting to move the guys showed off some tumbling tricks to the crowd.


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Rider University Review

The following article was fist published on:
The Rider News; The Student Newspaper Of The Rider Community
Article by Modjina Ovil | November 10, 2015

Jumps, flips and twists dazzle at Family Weekend

Family weekend featured many exciting events, including a performance by The Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team, who performed live in the Bart Luedeke Center Theater on Nov. 7.

The group is well known for its active performances that made it a top finalist on America’s Got Talent.

“Our team got started based from my experience in circus performance.” said Coach Tim Shaw of The Chicago Boyz. “At 13 years old, I was recruited by Ringling Brothers. That experience taught me much more than just performing but about discipline, respect, character, integrity and education, and all of those components that lead to success. So I decided to take the same concept mix and start The Chicago Boyz as a way to teach them what I’ve learned as a circus performer.”

A YouTube clip from The Chicago Boyz performance on the America’s Got Talent season finale was showcased before the group began. For those who may have never seen a live acrobatic show, the clip was a great way to get the audience pumped up.

The performances featured Donte Hughes, Andre Williams, 11-year old Martavious Owten and coaches Tim Shaw and Eric Maxey.

The Chicago Boyz show consisted of hard-to-believe tricks including jumping over high and wide objects, followed by human pyramids and freestyle moves unique to each of the performers.

Teamwork was immediately seen as a huge component within the group, so it was no surprise when the coach himself joined in on the fun.

Maxey did an unusual handstand where his arms were folded but he was able to maintain proper balance on the floor. Hughes, known as “Batman,” performed an amazing body twist in the air. Williams, also known as “Superman” for his ability to fly over high and long objects and people, performed a very fast and high twist-flip in the air. Owten, known as the “human jump rope,” combined unique flips and twists as he flew into to the air.

The Chicago Boyz did not want to keep the show’s excitement to themselves. Audience members were encouraged to participate. A father was chosen to stand in front of a trampoline while the performers flipped over him. A second part to this segment of the performance featured the youngest member of the group sitting on top of the dad while the rest of the performers jumped over them.

Toward the end of the performance, six other audience volunteers were chosen to participate. The volunteers took part in a soul train dance line, then formed a human chain. Performers jumped over the chain using the trampoline.

The crazy stunts did not stop there.

Additional volunteers were chosen to join the human chain, totaling 11 people whom the performers had to jump over.

Mario Ramos, a freshman chemistry major, was one of the volunteers who participated in The Chicago Boyz show. He was not hesitant to join in on the human chain.

“I had a great time there,” he said. “I wasn’t nervous because I’ve experienced this before at a pep rally from my previous school.”

The Chicago Boyz performance left the audience excited and provided a great program for family enjoyment.

Article Link: http://www.theridernews.com/2015/11/10/jumps-flips-and-twists-dazzle-at-family-weekend-2/


Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team Tryouts March 14, 2015

Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team hosting TRYOUTS

Date: March 14, 2015
Time: 10:30 AM – 12:30 PM
Location: Robichaux Park 9245 S., Eggleston Chicago IL

Ages 10-18 years

The Chicago Boyz Acrobatic Team is a performance acrobatic team that performs at events and productions around the country and internationally. They also perform as the McDonald’s Fly kids and Chicago Bulls Acrobatic Team. All members are required to maintain good grades in school and follow the rules of the team.

Requirements: Basic tumbling, acrobatics, cheer skills and athletic ability.

For More Information Contact Us At: info@chicagoboyzacrobaticteam.com


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