Your donation can help turn 1 childs life around. Donate today!

Who Are We?

Chicago boyz acrobatic training and educational Non-Profit Organization was founded in 1999. Professional Ringling Brothers Circus Acrobatic Performer and Coach Tim Shaw has dedicated 20+ years to the inner city youth of Chicago.

We strongly believe in teaching our core values:

  • Discipline
  • Respect
  • Integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Education

Our strict Policy for the Members of the Chicago Boyz align with core values including:

  • Maintain a “C” average in school
  • No associating with gangs
  • No use of drugs, alcohol or tobacco
  • Remaining in school until graduation

Through Tim’s positive impact, many young adults have not only turned their lives around in the process, but become professional polished gymnasts, entrepreneurs, business men and women,  and build beautiful families of their own.

Who am I Helping?

Helping inner city youth from underprivileged neighborhoods stay off the streets and learn teamwork, integrity, confidence, discipline, respect so they can become strong, well rounded educated adults .

Your donation will help kids from the ages of 7-17 become a part of the Chicago boyz acrobatic training and educational non profit program, where they learn acrobatic skills, trampoline and jump rope skills.   

Where does my donation money go?

To the Chicago boyz acrobatic training and educational non profit program.

How does my donation help the Chicago Boyz Youth?


Thank you for your interest in Donating!

Your donation big or small will make a huge difference in each child’s life, setting them up to join the professional chicago boyz acrobatic team where they can start earning an honorable paycheck at a young age and set them up not only for a bright future but also to be mentored by professional ringling brothers circus performer and coach Tim Shaw.


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